About Us

What we're about

Oceanside is truly an amazing place and our shared space mirrors the O-SIDE culture we know and love. Meaning our vibe is relaxed and open-minded, simple and unique, friendly and fun. We use our modest space to our advantage - offering our limited members the opportunity to enhance any aspect they desire. As Oceanside locals, we saw a need for a shared space that allows people to creatively work remotely while having the opportunity to gather and collaborate with others. Our model is simple: create an environment that members can call their own, where people are excited to work. Our team is continuously challenging each other to better provide for our members - complacency is our enemy!

Meet the team

The "About Us" page displays a photo of three men sitting on a bench in front of a store, providing a glimpse into our team.

From left to right: José Felix, Mark Vergeer, Richard Muñoz

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