Our Space

Welcome & Work Floor

Our welcome space includes permanent desks, cubbies, bench seats and tables, our favorite books for members to borrow, and an art wall (where members can showcase their art.)​

Community Kitchen

In addition to the necessary refrigerator and microwave, alkaline water and coffee is always available for our members, and soon we will have local kombucha on tap! Our cute lounge space is suited for both pleasure and business. 


Conference Room

Made for small group meetings. Our conference room is uniquely styled for those recurring zoom meetings.

Private Office

Made to provide our members with a more private and modern setting for interviews, meetings with clients, and zoom calls.​

Outdoor working environments

Outdoor work space and social gathering areas are planned for each location we build. These are landscaped, furnished spaces that provide the flexibility to work or gather and develop relationships in refreshing open air environments.

Ready To Work Better?

What We Have Here for You

Let’s talk specifics:

24x7 Access

Each member will have their own unique code to get in.

High Speed Internet

Yeah....it's fast.

Local Social Events

Our local partners make it easy to have fun in Oceanside.

Conference Room

Members can reserve the conference room for up to 2 hours/day. (Exceptions can always be made)

Local alkaline water. Local Kombucha. Bird Friendly Coffee. Kombucha?

Carlsbad alkaline water and local kombucha from Living Tea. Also click above to learn more about Bird Friendly Coffee.


Wi-Fi printer to save the day!

Surf Break

Surf rack out back so you can take a break like the pros. Too sandy after? Clean up in our full bathroom.

Business Address

Stand out with an Oceanside business address. Plus mail pick up and drop-off everyday.

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